GameStop will open 300 to 400 technology stores in the next fiscal year in a $35 billion - $40 billion investment.

GameStop, which is known for selling, of course, games, has been slowly creeping into the tech market with 200 stores selling AT&T and Apple phones.

"As we have gotten into the Apple relationship and the AT&T relationship, what we see is that those companies really need better and more sophisticated distribution that can present their products in appropriate ways," GameStop CEO Paul Raines said during a call with investors. "There is a fragmented dealer base around the United States. We are a great way to go to market." 

At the same time, GameStop is trying to figure out how to keep customers in its game stores as video games go increasingly digital on new consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and services like Steam.

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[via GamesIndustry International]