Variety reports Hollywood's resident workaholic, Kevin Hart (seriously, this guy has so many movies in production on his IMDb!), will co-star in a new film with Jamie Foxx called Black Phantom. Considering the title doesn't give us much of any hint of what exactly the plot involves, here's a summary: The film follows a "a double-crossed mob hitman who enlists the help of the Black Phantom, the same African-American hitman who had been sent to kill him." Drama!

In addition to starring Foxx and Hart, Black Phantom will be directed by Tim Story. Story has directed Hart in both Think Like A Man movies, Ride Along, and will also be in command of the upcoming Ride Along sequel, so him and Hart are probably bros at this point.

This project is in addition to the many other projects that Hart has in the works at the moment: Soon enough we'll have to just rename a movie theater "the place where you see Kevin Hart and other people on a large screen."

[via Vulture]