Last night Bill Cosby stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. When he first entered, Cosby acted dazed. This is The Tonight Show, right? This doesn't seem familiar, this set... and, who is this person that is hosting?

Funny Mr. Cosby. Throughout the course of his visit, Cosby and Fallon played off of each other well, with Cosby calling out daredevil stunts that he just couldn't grasp the point of, like bungee jumping. He even kind-of sort-of tight-roped in the studio. You can watch that below.

However, the highlight of the night, had to be Fallon impersonating Cosby so well that if you closed your eyes you wouldn't know which is which. But, don't close your eyes. The look on Dr. Huxtable's face in priceless.

[via NBC]