As part of his continuous mission to push the boundaries of food creation, Nick Chipman of Dude Foods latest work of art may make your heart stop—from surprise, and because it's filled with everything. 

The Double Decker Mac & Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave Taco was born when Milwaukee's Fox 6 paid a visit to Chipman's Milwaukee, Wisc. home for a better understanding of how his creations come to life. Somehow, what began as a simple Bacon Weave Taco (if you can call a Bacon Weave Taco simple) was eventually encased by a larger bacon weave taco shell packed with macaroni and cheese. 

The achievement has left Chipman pondering what he can do to top this. Perhaps some extravagant dessert? 

UPDATE: He has the extravagant dessert game covered, too. Where does one go from here?

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[via Gothamist and Dude Foods]