Police arrested a New York teacher and her boyfriend for stealing instruments from her school district to fund their drug habit. 

Authorities say 30-year-old Danielle Conner-Willowglade stole at least 50 instruments from Keshequa Central School District in Nunda, N.Y. over the past year, then sold them pay for heroin. She was arrested earlier this month after being pulled over by a state trooper who noticed her paranoia and a tuba (which was inexplicably not in its case) in the backseat of her vehicle. 

Conner-Willowglade told the trooper that she was taking the tuba to Rochester for work, which turned out to be a lie. Outside of her knowledge, police had been investigating Conner-Willowglade since last October for thefts dating back to June 2013. Twelve instruments and her school-issued computer (what the fuck was she thinking?) were found at pawn shops in the area.

She and her boyfriend, 32-year-old Nicholas Bump, were charged with possession of a controlled substance and stolen property this week, while Conner Willowglade will face additional charges for grand larceny.

[via Gawker]