Authorities in Dallas say the body of a man missing since earlier this week was discovered in his home beneath a pile of trash he collected, authorities say. 

After a two-day search, police finally found the 67-year-old man's remains. Police were reportedly unable to enter the man's home traditionally due to a 10-foot wall of trash, leaving them with no choice but to cut a hole in the ceiling to gain access.

The search was further delayed by the smell of dead animals, which prevented police dogs from detecting the man's scent. According to Gawker, two dead dogs and a dead raccoon were found before authorities finally uncovered the man. The lone upside here is that his chihuahua was found alive and well, and has since been adopted by a friend.

The property is being examined by hazard crews, and authorities have warned neighbors that they'll probably come across several rats after the house is demolished. 

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