A fire ripped through an under-construction Houston apartment complex on Tuesday, leaving a construction worker trapped on the top floor balcony. Firefighters eventually rescued the man, and workers at a neighboring building filmed the entire ordeal. Now, the man is talking about his brush with death. 

"The flames were getting closer and hotter. I knew I had to do something. So I swung down to the lower floor," said 56-year-old Curtis Reissig, who was eating lunch when the blaze began on Tuesday afternoon. Just as he swung down a floor, a part of the burning building collapsed behind him. 

"In my mind I was ... going through all the scenarios. What can I do? How am I going to drop? How am I going to swing? And I wanted another swing. But I knew I didn't have time because it was so hot. I took one swing," he told the Associated Press.

Reissig suffered minor burns to his hand and face. No one else was injured, but the $50 million dollar complex was destroyed. The fire's origin remains unknown.

GIF via Gawker

[via Gawker and Associated Press]