This burger costs $250, and it's not even the most expensive one in the city. 

According to the New York Daily News, Beer & Buns, which will open inside of Midtown's St. Giles Court Hotel later this month, plans to sell a $250 burger. Why would a burger ever cost $250 unless it contains some form of currency between the buns? Well, according to the Daily News, it's a "umami bomb" packed with Kobe beef, foie gras, white truffles, caviar and pancetta. It's obviously the caviar, folks.

According to a hotel executive, a $999 price tag was considered for the appropriately-titled "Indulgence Burger," but the restaurant reconsidered because they actually want people to buy it. "We thought about charging $999 for it, but realized no one would buy that," Abigail Tan explained. 

What's really unsettling is that this isn't even the most expensive burger in the city. That crown belongs to Serendipity 3's $295 hunk of beef, though some of the money is forwarded to the Bowery Mission. 

If you're feeling self-indulgent, hungry, and want to show off, you'll literally be able to eat your wallet at Beer & Buns soon enough.

[via New York Daily]