Earning an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor doesn’t mean you’ll be living in luxury, just ask Captain PhillipsBarkhad Abdi. According to an article in The New Yorker (via The AV Club), the Hollywood newcomer is apparently broke after earning just $65,000 for his role in the movie. Worst of all, he earned that money more than two years ago, and he is currently looking for more acting work in Hollywood.

Abdi is a former DJ and limo driver who moved to Minneapolis in his teens. All of the clothing he has worn during press tours and award shows have been loaners from Columbia Studios, and he has been living off of hotel rooms at the Beverly Hilton that the studio has put him up in.

Meanwhile, Captain Phillips has earned more than $100 million on a $55 million budget. Let's hope the clout Abdi earned from his performance will soon pay off. 

[The New Yorker via The AV Club]