I've been playing a hell of a lot of Titanfall since it dropped last week but nowhere near as much as some gamers evidently. At least one Reddit user, DownTuClown, has already reached the 10th Generation in Titanfall, the maximum.

DownTuClown says it took him three days, nine hours and 5 minutes of playtime to reach Generation 10, the game's version of Prestige levels from Call of Duty. By advancing to the next generation all levels and unlockables are reset but players can gain experience faster.

"Most of the people I played with were individuals I met in random games," DownTuClown wrote on Reddit. "A couple of others are long time friends. There were less than a handful of times we communicated 'seriously'. Those were mostly CTF games against people with clan tags we got matched up against. And some random times where we just wondered what it'd feel like to try and coordinate seriously. It was mostly just a group of guys talking about random stuff like latest episodes of The Walking Dead. So it was mostly individual skill I'd say."

"My kill stats aren't bad but I don't feel they're a good reflection of my skill which they would almost certainly be used for. I had to go out of my way to do certain challenges and those certainly affected my stats in a negative way. I played strictly to progress quickly rather than to have good stats."

How about you? What Generation have you made it to? Or are you not driven by the life-goal of repeated unlockables? Haven't got your feet wet yet? Check out our video review below.

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