Music sales aren’t what they were back when the iPod came out, and Apple needs to figure out a way to keep that money flowing, and doing so might mean they'll release an iTunes app for their competition.

Apple is in talks to debut an iTunes Android app to open up their music collection to millions of new customers. That’s not all: in order to make the deal more enticing, Apple would revamp iTunes Radio from the Pandora-like service that it is now (which isn't half bad by the way,) and change it to an on-demand service like Beats Music and Spotify. As of now, the iTunes store is available on OS X and iOS devices, as well as Windows—but in the powerful mobile market, it’s only available for Apple devices.

“Apple has no religious issue porting an iOS app to Android if it made sense,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said.

While it would be strange to see Apple’s iconic app on Android, much like it was a little awkward to open BBM on an iPhone, there doesn't seem to be any reason why Android users would switch from Spotify, Rdio, or Beats, for iTunes (especially for those loyal Android users who bought their devices to get away from Apple.)

So, we have to ask the question to you Android users: would you be willing to give iTunes a try on your Android device?

[via Daily Star]