So far, all of the trailers and footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been interesting, if not a little on the dull side. With all of the extra villains and abundance of CGI, there is a lot to be concerned about with director Marc Webb’s highly-anticipated sequel, especially since he claimed this rebooted Spidey would be more grounded in reality than Sam Raimi’s version.

However, any reservations you have about this movie should be set aside when you take a look at these new motion posters from the film, courtesy of Empire. The first one gives a unique perspective to Spider-Man web slinging throughout New York, complete with shots that should have you either giddy or reaching for a trash can.

The second one features footage we have seen from the trailers, but it’s still a visceral experience that any fan should love. These motion posters alone should have longtime Spider-Man fans clamoring for 3D IMAX tickets when the movie hits theaters on May 2. Until then, bask in the glory of the motion posters:

[via Empire]