Girls season three wraps up tomorrow night, and Allison Williams is well aware that most people don't want to be the Marnie. She admits that she got her own character in the BuzzFeed quiz, though, as did show creator Lena Dunham.

"I think it’s a hard show for some people to figure out because they don’t know what character to root for at any given moment. But that’s the current era of television. Look at the cast of House of Cards. Who is good on that show? No one. None of them…well, besides Cashew," she told BuzzFeed. "But I can appreciate people feeling that way. I have always been aware that Marnie is divisive, and I feel like we leaned into that this season. I mean, Marnie is probably the closest I will ever come to playing a villain without actually killing someone."

Marnie is pretty narcissistic, but so are a lot of people on Girls (and television in general). Isn't that what makes characters compelling, at least part of the time—their flaws? Williams says to play Marnie, though, she has to be "wholeheartedly" in her corner. This means asking Dunham to do a take where Marnie fights back and stands up for herself, even though she knows it'll never be used.

"Lena indulged me, which was so great because after an entire summer of being hurt through her, I needed to stand up for her," Williams says. 

The season finale of Girls airs March 23 at 10 p.m. ET.

[via BuzzFeed]