Police in Florida say a man beat his elderly father with a sledgehammer and pipe during an argument about a vacuum cleaner. 

The New York Daily News reports that 55-year-old Allen Croskey was arrested yesterday for attacking his 87-year-old father because the man accused him of breaking a vacuum cleaner on Tuesday. Croskey allegedly told police that his father ordered him out of his house, threatening him with a sledgehammer. 

After intially abiding, Croskey reportedly returned with a pipe that he found in his neighbor's front yard. After striking his father with it, he used the sledgehammer to hit him in the face "two to three" more times. He then dragged his father's body into nearby bushes, covering him with a blanket and planning to bury him once he died. 

Croskey, who has reportedly been institutionalized twice, told reporters that he believed his father "deserves to have about two to three years in a hospital." He was charged with attempted murder.

[via New York Daily News]