What would you do if you found out an orgy went down in your house?

That's what happened to comedian Ari Teman when he rented out his apartment on Airbnb to a man named David. While David said he wanted a place for his family to stay while visiting for a wedding, Teman found out otherwise when he came back to his apartment a few hours after he gave David the keys.

When he came back, he overheard David tell someone, "They're shutting us down," while he was in the lobby. David hadn't seen Teman at this point, and he became horrified when he saw Teman had returned. When Teman went back up to grab a forgotten bag, he found condoms, music equipment, and overturned furniture: the aftermath of an orgy.

He Googled David's phone number, and found some pretty crazy things: 

Yup, an invitation to a "panty raid." This invite led him to another tweet that advertised an XXX Freak Fest... at his building. That night.

Teman says a sofa, bed, lamp, coffee table, drum set and Fender guitar were ruined during the orgy. Airbnb wired him $23,817, changed his locks, and put him in a hotel for a week. 

Sadly, Teman found out his clothes were wet, too. "I don't even want to know how its wet," he says.

Lesson: Be careful who you rent to on Airbnb.

[via Gawker]