Close to a million jars of peanut butter were disposed of at a New Mexico landfill to speed up the sale of a processing plant that was hit hard by the salmonella outbreak and resulting national recall back in 2012. 

According to NBC News, bankruptcy trustee Clarke Coll said there was no other alternative after Costco Wholesale refused the shipment of 950,000 from Sunland Inc., as well as requests that it be donated to food banks or sold to brokers who provide prisons with food. 

NBC News adds that court documents show that the peanut butter was made with $2.8 million worth of Valencia peanuts that had been sitting in a warehouse since the company filed for bankruptcy. Left with no other options, the peanut butter—all $2.6 million worth of it—will be taken to the Curry County landfill to be buried with the rest of the waste.

[via NBC News]