The Internet is a judgmental place. We “like” something or we don’t; we “upvote” or we “downvote.” Despite the harsh atmosphere of a Roman coliseum, sometimes things that just aren’t that cool get undue love. The most common reason for this is nostalgia. We love it when the Internet shows us something familiar. Put a picture of an early 2000s R&B star, 90s teen movie leading man, or 80s breakfast cereal in front of us and we will click and share automatically. This nostalgia is a powerful feeling; in hindsight, it elevates mediocre and even terrible pop culture artifacts to the level of legend because they were familiar. Let's take a second look at some of the pop culture relics we've immortalized in list and meme. Before you click through that next BuzzFeed list or obsess over a Full House reunion, take a look at these 13 Things The Internet is Nostalgic For That Really Suck.