In what looks like a clear attempt to send a message in the wake of Justin Casquejo exposing security issues at 1 World Trade Center, authorities in New York City reportedly plan to charge four skydivers who jumped off of 1 WTC last fall. 

The New York Daily News reports that the Manhattan district attorney's office intends to charge three skydivers and an "accomplice" who kept watch on the groundJames Brady, Marco Markovich, Andrew Rossig and Kyle Hartwell—with burglary. Brady, Markovich and Rossig jumped from the building during the early hours of Sep. 30, while Hartwell played lookout. 

The Daily News adds that their stunt initially sparked terrorism fears after two of them were seen landing between the Conrad Hotel and Goldman Sachs building on security cameras. They were eventually caught because they held on to video footage of the jump: Authorities obtained search warrants for their homes and found GoPro camera footage. 

This comes a week after Casquejo, 16, eluded four layers of security en route to the top of 1 WTC's tower. The Daily News said it's unclear if the jumpers accessed the 1 WTC site through the same hole as Casquejo, but they did use the stairs get to the top of the tower. 

Timothy Parlatore, attorney for Rossig, criticized the city for waiting six monthsand until a teenager made them look bad—to take legal action. "Certainly it should be embarrassing to the city that after six months they’ve been investigating this and yet they’ve made no efforts to fix the hole in the fence to the No. 1 terror target in the world," Parlatore said.

[via New York Daily News]