This week’s episode of The Walking Dead dove even further into the comic book mythology by fully introducing audiences to Abraham, Rosita Espinosa, and Dr. Eugene Porter after the short tease that ended last week’s episode, "Inmates." In last night's hour, "Claimed," Glenn and Tara find themselves tagging along with the group on trip to Washington, where "Dr." Eugene will “save the world,” according to Abraham.

Meanwhile, Michonne and Carl search their temporary home's neighborhood for supplies, while Rick has to evade a group of scavengers marauding throughout their house, although he spends most of the time hiding under the bed like a cat during a thunder storm.

With all of the mayhem that unfolded in "Claimed," it might be hard to keep up. Thta's why we’re here to sum it up with our awards for "Claimed."

Outstanding achievement in ginger ass-kickery: Abraham teeing off on a herd of zombies:

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Worst way to piss off said ginger: Sucker punching him in the face:

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Most traumatizing TV moment since the last season of Heroes: Michonne discovering a bedroom full of decomposing children:

Credit: Zombie Prophet 

Quickest way to destroy your killer mystique: Michonne pounding a bottle of Crazy Cheese:


Most emasculating TV moment of the week, outside of The Bachelor: Rick cowering under a bed for half of the episode:

Credit: Zombie Prophet

[GIFs via Uproxx, Fansided]

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