Update 02/23/14: Unsung Story's Paypal campaign pledge drive will continue beyond the two week mark – Playdek has announced available rewards packages will be switched at out at that time.


Following a successful Kickstarter campaign that ended earlier this month, Playdek has announced that those still interested in donating towards the development of Unsung Story can do so via Paypal in exchange for campaign rewards. Fans of Yasumi Matsuno's spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics can donate in sums from $25-$140 for bundles that feature a variety of goods, including a digital copy of composer Hitoshi Sakimoto's digital soundtrack, a poster and a copy of the Unsung Story card game, among several others.

If you already backed the game and missed out on a particular item available through the Kickstarter, you can also pick up various add-ons individually. Apart from boosting the funding for the game, Playdek has said opening donations up to Paypal increases the number of eager players to join the development team by offering their opinions, thereby helping to shape the design of the game.

Unsung Story's initial Kickstarter net the project roughly $660,000 out of a goal of $600,000. Let's hope this extra boost can hit a couple of stretch goals. If you're interested in donating to Unsung Story you can do so here.

[Via Polygon]