First came the "white redesign." Now, get ready for Twitter's "Facebook" redesign. 

Over at Mashable, assistant features editor Matt Petronzio was selected to be a part of a small pool of users to test out Twitter's latest redesign. A screenshot of his profile shows a drastically changed user page. The redesign shows a blown out cover image, accompanied by a profile picture placed neatly at the bottom left corner of the top of the profile. Below the profile picture is the author bio, with a collection of tabs such as Tweets, Following, Followers, and the new Photo/Video category, to the right. Instead of tweets being displayed newest to oldest in a scroll down list—as it traditionally has been—now tweets are displayed in different sized windows that are read from left to right, much like a book. Also, considering that Petronzio's custom Twitter background on his normal Twitter profile doesn't show up on his new one, it seems the company is getting rid of these backgrounds for a standard light gray one instead.

So, when we clump all of these changes together, it's easy to see that Twitter has gone full Facebook mode. And you never go full Facebook. 

Seriously, look at this shit:

Obviously, the changes emphasize Twitter's media, rather than its tweets. Of course, this is just a test, and there's no guarantee that the redesign will make it to the rest of us, but this could be the Twitter of the near future. Which is a shame, because it takes a great deal of what makes Twitter Twitter, and tosses it out like it was yesterday morning's hashtag. So enjoy Twitter now, because pretty soon this look will be the new #TBT: