Gaming broadcast platform Twitch is the fourth highest peaking network in the U.S. According to an infographic posted by The Wall Street Journal.

The graphic, shown above, accompanies an article about the internet infrastructure of Apple and details on the top 10 web companies commanding the country's internet traffic. In the graphic Twitch ranks fourth at 1.8-percent of today U.S. traffic above video service Hulu, social media obligation Facebook, Valve - which includes Steam, Amazon and others.

"We are working overtime to scale our infrastructure to keep pace with the growth of the community," reads a post about the infographic on Twitch's blog. "That's no small task. Thanks to all of you, and your voracious appetite for gaming video, we're really playing in the big leagues, here. And we mean to step up."

Twitch recently announced that it's integration with the PlayStation 4 now makes up nearly 20-percent of the services total gaming broadcasts. The company also revealed surveys showing that 68-percent of its users cut back on television watching time with some spending more than 20 hours a week watching others play games.

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[Via Polygon]