Address: 143 E. 60th Street (at Lexington)

You probably don't know about the Subway Inn. This is a spot where the bellhops and clerks of the high-end retail district come to drown their sorrows after pulling their fifth double-shift in a row. Across the street from Bloomingdale's, a few blocks from the Apple Store, and within spitting distance of Chanel, Bergdorf and all the rest, this dive stands in defiance of the privilege choking it from all sides. If you want to hear war stories about nannied toddlers puking all over a clerk's shoes or employees fired for saying the wrong thing to a fur coat wearing debutante, this is where you should go. Their vitriol should be especially potent on Valentine's Day, when shifts end just late enough to ensure that these workers will get home just in time to see their spouse fall asleep.