Address: The Hudson River

Normally, the Staten Island Ferry is the best place to drink in all of New York City. Two Budweiser tall boys for $7? Where am I, Wisconsin? On a clear day, the Ferry provides a free and clear view of the Statue of Liberty without lines, fees, and the other trappings and tourist bullshit.  

On Valentine's Day, however, the Ferry is a merchant of sadness (and booze, of course). If you ride during rush hour, you'll catch nurses, construction workers and policemen anxious to get home to the love of their life. If you jump on mid-evening, it will just be you, the crew, and the beer guy. If you take a cruise later at night you'll share the ride from the City with young couples returning from a pricey, boozy romantic dinner. A Valentine's Day ride on the Ferry will mean either an hour all by yourself downing cheap booze in a hazy fog, or sixty minutes drinking tall boys and eating popcorn surrounded by desperate, overpowering love with no possible escape except the chilly depths of the Hudson.