Address: 34th St. between 7th and 8th Ave.

To the uninitiated, it probably seems that all transit station bars are created equally terrible. Oh, you have so much to learn. What makes the T.G.I.Fridays next to the Amtrak terminal so pathetic? Let's start with the arrivals and departures chart in the photo. This is the view from this particular T.GI.Fridays. If you drink here, you'll share bar top elbow room with beleaguered businessmen drowning their sorrows as they watch their delayed train's number sit, immobile at the bottom of the chart as scores of other trains leave the station ahead of theirs.

The kind of person who regularly rides Amtrak is perpetually disappointed. Yes, the Megabus and the Greyhound attract the dregs of society, the ex-convicts and the graduate students. But, Amtrak riders are a pack of "almosts." They were almost going to make their boy's soccer game, but the presentation ran long. They were almost going to nab that promotion, but they hired that hotshot Ivy grad. They were almost going to make it home in time for that romantic Valentine's Day dinner, but that Keystone Corridor line is delayed. If you do find yourself in this particular T.G.I.Fridays on Valentine's Day, buy the guy wearing the monochromatic shirt and tie combo from Kohl's a $7 Budweiser. He needs it. You'd better be quick about it though, his train is almost at the platform.