Check out the launch trailer to Left Behind the single-player story prequel to the smash hit zombie survival game The Last of Us, that drops tomorrow, Friday 14, Valentine's Day.

The Last of Us: Left Behind tells the story of what happened to Ellie before she meets Joel, how she was bitten and the fate of her best Firefly friend Riley.

Left Behind drops tomorrow at 6am GMT, that means on the East coast you'll be wanting to get up early and start the whopping 5GB download for the PlayStation 3 so you can get playing as fast a possible.

Sony also announced that once you've finished Left Behind scribble down any thoughts because Naughty Dog, the game's developer, will be hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Friday, February 21 to wrap up any burning questions fans have.

Check out our behind the scenes details and more information about The Last of Us in the links below.

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[Via PlayStation Blog]