Considered "The Crossroads of the World" by some, Times Square is a commercial overloada mass of advertising, extravagance, lights and people located in Midtown Manhattan. It's one of the world's most frequented tourist destinations and busiest intersections, as well as where the ball drops to simultaneous delight and exasperation each New Year's Eve.

Times Square is also considered an entertainment epicenter due to the aggressive marketing blitz, and, like it or not, a site that people will forever associate with New York City because everyone recognizes it instantly. For these reasons in particular, popular culture relies upon it heavily to establish distinct "New York" settings, thus making it a location of choice for several hip-hop music videos over the years. Hell, Hype Williams, one of the most revered directors of his time, loves to utilize Times Square in his work.

This look at the best rap videos shot in Times Square, each ranked by how frustratingly "Times Square" they are (one being the least; 10 the most), will really make you think about how essential the indispensable Times Square shot is to the music video.

Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316)

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