What it do Interwebz! So I was hollering at this chick I met the other night on text message and she was all like ;-) ;-) :-P and I'm all like Oh word? then she all like I <3 <3="" u<="" strong="">. So I had to slow shorty down and be like, "Look ma, we need a new language to converse in and shit cuz your emoticons are killin my vibe." Then a light went off in the Yung Lord Broseph's knowledge tank (a.k.a. el cerebro, for all you college-level learners). What if I just created my own shit and flipped the script on those goons in Silicon Valley? Peep these 10 texting acronyms the game needs. And check back for my usual Twitter Thirst dispatches later this week. Word to Joe Budden.

OMWB = On my worst behavior


GHBS = Gotta hear both sides


MNLU = Muthaf*ckas never loved us


FILL = F*ck I Look Like?!


TCBUB = This could be us but ...


LNSE = Learn new shit errrday


2FU2C = Too f*cked up to care


SWOS = Should we order Seamless?


DYELB = Do you even lift, bruh?


BTI = Because the Internet