After years of waiting, Obsidian's South Park RPG The Stick of Truth is finally almost upon us. And for fans counting down the days Ubisoft has bequeathed unto the world the first thirteen minutes of gameplay. In the first two, series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have already hilariously made fun of the whole "silent protagonist" genre trope as you, the new kid, venture out into the world to find friends to play with. Then after following Butters to Cartman's house, seemingly regardless of what name you choose for your avatar, the Grand Wizard dubs you "Sir Douchebag".

South Park is at its absolute best when the boys are playing games with their imaginations, so Stick of Truth both needs no further introduction and, given Parker and Stone's extremely hands-on involvement, seems nigh-infallible to argument. It's a South Park RPG that looks like an episode of the show. Prepare to laugh, feel like you're 14 again and keep counting down the days, because March 4 can't come fast enough.

Via Youtube