The latest trend to pop up in the world of selfies might lead you to question humanity. 

A new Tumblr recently surfaced on the Internet called Selfies With Homeless People. The site collected a number of screenshots of grinning teenage faces staring into their smartphone screens and posing next to homeless people who are sprawled out on the sidewalk or park benches. Yet, some homeless people voluntarily pose for the selfies, and might not understand where the picture will end up. Photo captions from the blog read, “I like taking pictures with homeless people :) (:” and “We already going to hell so why not be young wild and free….. #HomelessGuy.”

This isn’t the first time selfies have taken a turn for the worst. Last week, a high school student posted a selfie with a dead body during a field trip to a biology lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The student is now facing disciplinary action from her school.

We can only hope that this embarrassing display of selfie harassment will teach these teens a lesson.

Keep your selfie to yourself.

[via Selfies With Homeless People]