Seadelphica is a game in the style of Ecco The Dolphin looking for support on Kickstarter, if Ecco The Dolphin had machine guns strapped to it and just swam through the run-off of Timothy Leary's lab.

This game makes me feel funny. Like the time I drank that strange tasting water at Bonnaroo and tried to wash the taste out of my mouth with those earthy brownies. Maybe that's the same demon-filled land this thing comes from.

Dual-wielding AK with bayonet, cause that's out Lil It rolls.

Link yourself over to the magical journey that is the Seadeliphica Kickstarter to check out the runner-type game that plans to link in user's Tumblr accounts to stream back your spiritual development progress to the rest of the world. Scroll down and witness some of the most seizure-inducing gifs every created.

Here's an excerpt about what the hell it's all about:

“Lil It, an immortal alien creature with a fish-like body, mitochondrial mother of humankind, was elected to be the only and sole sovereign of Panoptika. She consolidated almost absolute power over the new world in her hands. She managed to embed a virus into the “Oversense” and put it on the verge of destruction. The Black dolphin's mission is to save the consciousness web, to which he's connected by a cosmic Wi-Fi.”

Totally makes sense right? The gif below is said to be one of the bosses, name “Trojan.”

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