Samsung is going after Apple with their guns blazing. The company just released two new commericals that directly attack, or more correctly, make fun of, Apple's iPhone and iPad. 

It's no secret that Samsung and Apple are going at each other's throats. Apple is pissed that Samsung's smartphones resemble their iPhones, and the two companies have been to court a couple of times over this. But if one thing is different about these companies, it's their ads.

While Apple is in the middle of an ad campaign for the iPad that shows it being used underwater, in the jungle, and to film documentaries—with the overall theme being storytelling—Samsung recently went all out and released two commercials making fun of the iPad and the iPhone. One ad, which features a LeBron James photograph, puts Apple's iPhone on blast for having a smaller screen than the Samsung's Galaxy Note 3, while showing off the phone's features. 

The other, an ad for the Galaxy Tab Pro, directly pokes fun at one of Apple's first commercials for the iPad Air. 

[via The Verge]