The Nokia 3000 series has become a thing of legend. Though those that grew up with the phone might not have appreciated it then, in the age of fragile smartphones that cost hundreds of dollars to fix (and some never get fixed), people have found a new appreciation for the 3310 and its counterparts. It was a simpler time in the early 2000s—and a cheaper time—that we might not ever see again (unless you stick with burner phones, a la House of Cards.)

Here are All The Reasons Why It Was Great Owning a Nokia 3310.

If you dropped your phone, you could cover the scuff with a marker.

Battery life was long.

You could have a case for each day of the week.

You weren't expected to check your work email while being out and about—because you couldn't.

You had protection from duckfaces because there was no way to view them.

 Its "Ascending" text tone was Morse code for "Connecting People."

It was indestructible. 


The phone displayed Renaissance artwork when you turned it on.

Its famous ringtone is from a song called "Gran Vals" by Spanish classical guitarist Francisco Tárrega, from a century ago.