Release date: February 23, 1999

Originally, Prince Paul wanted to make an actual movie companion piece for A Prince Among Thieves, but financial setbacks and then a period of time in which Chris Rock had the rights but did nothing have kept those plans at bay. It’s, sadly, a missed opportunity, too, because Prince Paul’s exceptional audio movie has all the makings of a genre-bending gem.

Just because he deserves, and will no doubt soon receive, better projects than That Awkward Moment, Michael B. Jordan should be cast as Tariq, the story’s aspiring rapper who resorts to a variety of seedy endeavors to raise enough cash to record a demo and impress Wu-Tang mastermind RZA. Along the way, Tariq gets into the pimp game (under the tutelage of “Count Macula”), lands behind bars (“Handle Your Time”), gets mixed up in drug-dealing, and ultimately finds himself in a deadly standoff with fellow wannabe MC, and former best friend, True (“You Got Shot”).

Think the Odyssey-like feel of Inside Llewyn Davis, but with more guns, girls, and narcotics, and less cats.