Men and women alike have diverse sexual preferences... but they're usually kept private. (That's why we clear out our Google search histories every Sunday morning.) 

But if you could, would you really want to see what everyone is searching for on porn websites? Of course you do. The new website PornMD has opened the flood gates, and is collecting x-rated search terms that people are looking up, in real-time. 

Probably not surprising, the site was made by one of the leaders in adult content: PornHub. The vice president of PornHub, Corey Price, talked with Esquire:

We don’t judge anyone. In this industry you realize people have very unique tastes when it comes to their porn viewing. That said, the most notable ones I’ve seen were “Nose sucking,” “Orgasm hell,” “BDSM worms,” “Hairy Granny panties,” and the list goes on. The term “to each their own” has never been more relevant!  

To check out all of the dirt, click here to go to PornMD. But be careful, if you click on one of the links, it will take you to the corresponding page. After you visit, tell us the craziest thing you've seen on there.

[via Esquire]