Distinguishing features: Suck-for-a-buck bouquet; disheveled boas; vomit-soaked high heels 

The bachelorette party looks good on paper: a dozen women who are hammered on flavored vodka and generally running afoul of the establishment's "no dancing on the bar" policy. But what goes up must come down, and nothing crashes harder than 20-somethings with Smirnoff Creamsicle coursing through their veins. By midnight, this group will be one befuddled mix of clacking Louboutin heels and catty side-eye. Godspeed if you're on the dance floor when Beyonce's "Drunk in Love" comes on because it will look like a Nordstrom Rack-sponsored version of Spain's Running of the Bulls, with nothing but carnage and penis straws in its wake.