Florida pizza chain is trying to promote its business by naming it after the NYPD, a puzzling move that's landed it in trouble with the law.

Paul Russo, a native New Yorker, isn't just using the NYPD's name to market NYPD Pizza, store signs feature feaux-NYPD badges as well. Understandably, the NYPD did not take a liking to the move, filing a lawsuit for the use of their logo without the explanation that the agency had no involvement in the business. 

Though a settlement was reached in 2008 that forced Russo to add apply disclaimers wherever the fake NYPD badge was used, attorneys claim that Russo violated the agreement by making them too small and barely visible. 

Even though Gothamist reports that Russo claims to have family members within the department, it's still confusing as to why he'd want. Oh wait—the chain is based in Florida.

[via Gothamist]