Navigating the New York City subway is second-nature for native New Yorkers and longtime city residents, but visitors and less-savvy passengers likely need some assistance.

The Efficient Passenger Project popped up this week, providing riders with information like which exit they need to use to switch lines at the next station or which train car places them closest to the stairs. The Daily Intelligener reports that the first signs appeared on the L train Sunday night, which make sense because the L has a lot of riders and numerous transfer options. 

"We recognize that it's a common tactic for street-smart New Yorkers. But it's complex and almost impossible to navigate for visitors or if it's your first time to the station," said the person responsible the signs, who obviously wants to remain anonymous.

The replicas resemble official subway signs, something the MTA is not thrilled about. "These signs have the potential to cause crowding conditions in certain platform areas and will create uneven loading in that some train cars will be overcrowded while others will be under-utilized," a spokesperson explained.

Despite the tension, EPP's founder hopes that they'll eventually warm up to the idea. "We'd like to work with them to make this a permanent installation," they told the Daily Intelligencer. This could be helpful in the long run.

[via The Daily Inteilligencer]