The Puerto Rican Day Parade, a long-standing anf highly-anticipated tradition in New York City, may be cancelled this year. 

According to NY1, parade board president Madelyn Lugo and board member Maria Roman were forced to step down following an investigation by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office into the parade's finances, specifically whether Coors promoted its sponsorship of the event through special edition cans featuring the parade's logo. 

Gothamist notes that the relationship between Coors and the city's largest parade rubbed some people the wrong way, primarily because the theme of last year's parade was "Celebrating Your Health." However, parade supporters are understandably angry that the investigation began so late in the year, thus putting the parade in danger of not happening.

State Senator Ruben Diaz has gone as far as to accuse Schneiderman of intentionally sabotaging the parade, telling Gothamist that the attorney general had "ample time to do whatever he wants to do." 

Furthermore, NY1 reports that Scneiderman may elect to remove all six board members, which would make organizing the parade in time for its Jun. 8 target date extremely difficult.

In her letter of resignation, Lugo maintained her innocence, saying that she was being forced out by Schneiderman and alleging that parade marketing agent Carlos Velasquez was responsible for any wrongdoing.

Gothamist reports that Scneiderman's office has declined to comment on the matter, but NY1 mentions that his office is expected to present its findings this week.

[via NY1 and Gothamist]