In America, we're known for our own annual drinking games: we drink during the Oscars, during presidential debates, and our favorite TV shows. But, thanks to social media, another drinking game is picking up overseas, and people seem to be taking it too seriously.

The game is called Neknominate, which might have originated in Australia. It started off simple: chug a couple of beers, say the names of a few friends to do the same, and upload the video to Facebook or YouTube. Those friends would then meet the challenge after being called out, and then nominate two other friends. The game spread quickly to the UK, and as it went, the rules got tossed out the window just as fast as the alcohol went down people's throats. Allegedly, five people have died playing the game, according to the The Mirror.

One of the people who passed, Bradley Eames, 20, might have died due to two pints of gin he downed in under two minutes. WTF.

"This is a lethal game," medical adviser Dr. Sarah Jarvis told CNN. "The point about alcohol is that it affects your ability to recognize that you're in danger, and it absolutely affects your ability to react to danger. So we have a double whammy."

The game doesn't seem to be a trend here in the States, not yet, at least. We wouldn't be surprised if it did, social media has a way of doing that. 

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