The same brilliant modder who brought you one of the slickest NBA 2K14  mods of all time, has returned to answer one of the oldest questions of all time: who would win in a fight, Marvel or DC?

YouTuber MkEliteWorksX, the modder who brought us the perfection that was Space Jam, has returned with an NBA 2K14 mod that finally pits The Avengers against The Justice League. For those of us who've always wanted to see Iron Man and The Green Lantern, or, Batman and Spider-Man finally go blow for blow, this is as close as you're going to get in a video game. 

If Disney and Warner Bros. really needed any more of an incentive for a cross-franchise, cross-platform, multi-billion dollar idea, look no further than Thor dunking on The Flash.

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[via MkEliteWorksX]