We've known about it for months now, but last night the long awaited, official footage of Kanye West's proposal to girlfriend and baby mother Kim Kardashian finally aired on E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In true Yeezy fashion, it was gloriously excessive, well-orchestrated, and probably won't be topped anytime in the near future. But just because you can't afford to rent out a stadium and get your girl a seven-figure ring doesn't mean you can't walk away from The Proposal with a few basic takeaways on how to stay in your girl and her family's good graces.


Mother-in-laws make good co-conspirators.

You can't keep anything from the likes of Kris Jenner anyway, so why not bring her into the fold and have her finesse the surprise?


There's no such thing as "too much."

Baseball park. Fifty-piece orchestra. $1.2 million ring. The pictures and leaked vids that hit the net last year really didn't do the spectacle justice. Imagine how excessive the wedding's going to be.


The ring's gotta "float," son.

"Look at that. You see how it floats? This was a different mounting yesterday. This mounting was made today," Kanye explained.

Embrace the in-laws, no matter how crazy they are.

Or no matter how hostile they can be to each other. 


Impressing the whole family is important...

Especially the impressionable younger siblings who'll tell her like it is.


But at the end of the day, it's just about you and her.

Leave it to Yeezus to pull off a proposal that was both intimate and a spectacle for the whole family to enjoy.


And just because, here is Kris Jenner diddy boppin to "Black Skinhead":


You're welcome. 

[GIFs via E!, Bricesander, Keeping Up With the Jenners]

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