The Romita family has its roots firmly embedded in the Marvel Universe. During the ‘60s, artist John Romita Sr. defined a romanticized look for The Amazing Spider-Man after the departure of the series' original illustrator, Steve Ditko. He also worked on Daredevil and as Marvel’s Art Director for decades. In the ‘80s, his son, John Romita Jr., began as an artist at the company, working on The Uncanny X-Men, Daredevil, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Mighty Thor, and a ton of other books.

Now, John Romita Jr. is jumping ship to DC as the new artist on one of the company’s flagship titles, Superman, according to IGN. Romita will be part of a new creative team on the title with Justice League writer Geoff Johns. This will be Romita’s first time working on a DC character, outside of his own personal sketches and a brief intercompany crossover in the ‘90s. When asked about what made him go to DC, Romita told IGN:

I had a meeting with [Co-Publisher of DC Comics Dan DiDio], and I had been talking it over with my wife Kathy. My wife had wanted me to try Superman for a long time -- Superman or Batman. I never really paid attention to it, only because I had been under contract. So it was a confluence of events: a really good breakfast with Dan, some accepted ideas, and it built on itself. Plus, I'm still going to have a chance to work on my creator-owned properties at some point during this and after this. So it serves all my purposes. The biggest thing for me was I've always said I want to do something I haven't done before, whether it's draw something in a way that I haven't drawn before, tell a story in a way I haven't done before -- and this is the ultimate in something I haven't done before.

There isn’t much known about Johns’ upcoming Superman plots, other than the fact that he will be "Putting the Man of Tomorrow back in the Man of Tomorrow." That’s obviously pretty vague, but until more information is released, you can check out a few sketches Romita has done for his take on the Man of Steel:


[via IGN]