If any Angelenos are planning on visiting Shia LaBeouf's weird art installation at LA's The Cohen Gallery, #IAMSOSORRY, before it officially shuts down this coming Sunday, might we suggest a small detour beforehand: Head over to the gallery next door to The Cohen Gallery to see Jerry O'Connell's art installation, #IAMSORRYTOO, which is basically the same thing as LaBeouf's...only with Jerry O'Connell, and a Blu-ray copy of O'Connell's 1986 movie, Stand By Me.

Let's break this down. If you haven't heard of LaBeouf's art installation before, it's basically this: LaBeouf has invited anyone who wants and apology from him to visit the gallery in LA between the hours of 11 AM and 6 PM PST. It's not clear what he's apologizing for—but, you know, if you feel personally victimized by LaBeouf, you're probably not going to get another chance to see him apologize to you. Based off of the accounts from The Hollywood Reporter and Vulture, once in the gallery, each visitor is admitted one by one into a small room, where they are presented with a table of items from LaBeouf's acting history.

They are instructed to select one, then they enter another room, where LaBeouf sits at a table, wearing the "I am not famous anymore" paper bag over his head that he was seen wearing on the red carpet at Berlinale. From there, witness accounts vary, but it's reported that LaBeouf will either sit in complete silence across from the other person for a few minutes, or that he will take off the paper bag and begin sobbing. So, you know, you can make Shia LaBeouf cry if you really want to. Photography isn't permitted, but The Daily Beast was able to secure this shot of a teary-eyed LaBeouf.

So, that's LaBeouf's art installation. What about O'Connell's? There are many more photos of that, so it's a little more clear what's going on: In the building next door to LaBeouf's, O'Connell is holding the same sort of art installation piece, only it's titled #IAMSORRYTOO, and it runs from "11 AM to 5 PM-ish." According to Vice's account, the initial set-up is the same. You enter a room, and are presented with a table of pretty random items, as well as some tweets.

Note, the Blu-ray copy of Stand By Me

After selecting an item, the person then enters another room, where O'Connell sits at a table wearing a paper bag similar to LaBeouf's—only, O'Connell's reads, "I'm not sorry," or, as it did when Buzzfeed visited, "Super famous." Sure, LaBeouf's whole art project sounds weird in that sort of "yes I need to see this in person immediately" sort of way, but we've gotta admit—O'Connell's is hilarious. This was an amazing idea.

You can check out a video of the scene outside and inside the gallery where O'Connell's "art installation" takes place.

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[Image via Vice]