Creative voices behind a brand’s Twitter account can make a difference. Just ask JC Penney during Super Bowl Sunday.

Retailer JC Penney garnered a lot of attention during the Super Bowl after it posted multiple tweets that gave the impression the person managing the account had a few too many beers during the game. The retweets for both tweets received over 42,000 thus far. In an email with VentureBeat, a JC Penney spokeswoman stated that the tweets were intentional.

“This was part of a planned social media stunt that our social team did to promote the Go USA mittens we are carrying (proceeds support the United States Olympic Committee) they were tweeting ‘with their Go USA mittens on,” the spokeswoman wrote in an email.

We’re not sure who would actually want to follow JC Penney on Twitter outside of receiving updates on sales for clothes you'd by your mother, but during a day when the majority of brands underwhelmed with their Super Bowl ads, the retailer stood out above the rest. They could probably thank Phil Jackson for the inspiration

[via Venture Beat]