Most people would rather get paid for a service than watch two people have sex, assuming they can't do both. 

The Smoking Gun reports that a cab driver in Illinois called police during the early hours of Feb. 9 after a couple completed their backseat love session in his vehicle, but couldn't pay the fare. Don't take an $83 cab ride if you can't pay for it. 

The driver, 28-year-old Hack Faisal Kokazeh, told authorities that Stefanie Herringer and Andrew Vukovich informed him that they didn't have the means to compensate him for the ride. An officer with the Orland Park Police Department noted that Herringer and Vukovich reeked of alcohol as they tried to collect their clothes, which were all over the back seat of the taxi. 

They were able to dodge an embarrassing arrest when Vukovich presented his mother's credit card and completed the transaction. Just another weekend in Illinois.

[via The Smoking Gun]