Facebook stalking shouldn't be so taboo that you'd be ashamed to admit to it. Everyone from you to your mom to your sister's in-law does it, too. You flip through gossip mags just to see if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together, so why wouldn't you creep on the people closer to you? (Unless JB or Selena are your BFFs, in which case, FOH). We don't know science, but we're pretty sure the insatiable urge to dig into other people's personal lives is an innate human being thing. 

And we all do it for one aim or another. Besides the all-encompassing reason "for fun," here are a few other reasons why people pick up the social media-stalking habit. 

To see if your ex has completely gotten over you. 

Last Evanescence lyric posted six months ago? Looks like it, bro.


To check if you're hotter than your ex's current flame. 


Phew! Nope. Downgrade.


To see whether the lifers in high school are still dating. 

This ends in three ways: They are already married and have their first child, they had a terrible breakup and he is sleeping with her best friend now, or one of them mysteriously went missing four years ago.


To feel good about your big city job while everyone in your small hometown is still working at Wal-Mart. 


Then you realize you hate your job just as much as they do.


To check where [random person you just remembered from your past] is living and working these days. 


City? Still your hometown. Occupation? "I'mma be my own Boss." Cool.

To see if that kid who sold you weed in high school has finally fallen off the deep end.



To verify whether or not that girl from your high school got any plastic surgery.


Damn, her weird nose made her so endearing though.


To see if someone's gotten fat. 


Nope, just you :(

To see if someone's pregnant, and to dig a little deeper to see if it was planned. 


Here's a hint! It never is unless you're 30+.


To creep on an old crush you never got over. 


Divorced? Score. Direct message.


To check up on the random person you arbitrarily had a sex dream about the other night. 


And it was weird.


To look at the friends of the girl you just hooked up with to make sure you haven't actually hooked up with them before you text her again.


 Just to avoid what happened last time.


To confirm that who you hooked up with is in fact hot and you weren't suffering from dark-bar-sixth-beer syndrome.


Damnit! It was just the beer goggles.


To feel an odd sense of reward when you find out new things about people.

Oh that girl is a veterinarian? That makes so much sense. Thank God, that explains all the dead animals in her freezer.


To see if your new co-worker's really hot.


But then you get to work and ask her how she liked going to Michigan State, but she never told you she went to Michigan State.