Tired of slummin' it up in Los Santos? Running around with bloody hands soiled ladies garments stuffed full of cash? Well developer Rockstar is dropping the latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online and its got your character looking classy.

The Grand Theft Auto V Business Update drops next week, Tuesday March 4 on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live loaded with new fast cars and your own private business jet, all for free. Lots of business attire will be available, suits, jackets, slacks, glasses, heels, and blouses; dress like your favorite Los Angeles attorney!

A couple of new guns come loaded, including the Heavy Pistol which locks a bit like a .50 cal Desert Eagle's familiar to gamers as well as the tacted-out Special Carbine to lay down some hate on your foes.

Just like other updates new vehicles and weapons will be available in both the story – single player – and online mode. In story mode, weapons will be automatically deposited into all character's inventories and cars will be available from their respective garages. Online, you'll have to venture to you nearest gun, car, and air-power dealer to pick up the new goodies.

Rockstar promises updates on the long-awaited Online Heists mode to come shortly.

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[Via RockstarGames]