Winter has been very strange and frustrating, so far. If snow in New York City has pissed you off this year, a look at the distant past might serve you well. This Edison Manufacturing Company video is reportedly the very first New York City blizzard caught on camera.

The footage, which captures Madison Square Park, was taken on Feb. 17, 1902 by Edwin S. Porter. The fact that it's filmed in black and white and doesn't have any sound makes everything seem so tranquil. It probably wasn't: 

A portion of the New York Fire Department trying to make their way to a fire through the immense snow drifts. A few pedestrians are bravely plodding through the immense piles of snow, and a snow plow is hard at work on the Broadway, underground trolley line, endeavoring to clear the tracks. Madison Square, Madison Square Garden, Broadway, the Fifth Avenue Hotel, and 23rd Street are all shown in succession.

Back then, people also obviously didn't have the snow day coping mechanisms that we have today like Netflix and the Internet, in general. It'd be interesting to know what, if any, drinking games they played. Drinking transcends centuries.

[via Gothamist]