After 15 years, Edward Norton's Motherless Brooklyn will finally see the light of day. Deadline reports that Norton will star in and direct the Jonathan Lethem adaptation, with Brett Ratner set to produce.

Lethem's 1999 National Book Critic's Circle Award winning novel is set in the 1950's, and centers around Lionel Essrog, a Brooklyn dwelling detective with Tourette's. Here's Random House's summary of the plot:

"Lionel Essrog, former denizen of St. Vincent's Home for Boys in Brooklyn and Tourette's syndrome-afflicted detective, is a Minna Man. He, along with three fellow orphans, runs mysterious errands for wiseguy Frank Minna and his detective-agency-slash-car service. When a stakeout goes wrong and Frank gets knifed, Lionel goes looking for the killer. The plot takes wild twists and turns, marked by indelible characters and acrobatic wordplay. Essrog, with his lovable tics and compulsions, embarks on a journey that is as much an existential search as it is a manhunt. In Jonathan Lethem's deft hands, even Brooklyn itself becomes one of the main characters in this deliriously funny novel."

Filming will commence in late 2014 in New York. 

[via Vulture]